Careful Care specialises in Live-in-Care

When it comes to caring for our ageing population, there’s overwhelming evidence that constant, person-centred, one-to-one care produces a far better experience as well as improved health and wellbeing ‘outcomes’ for the vast majority of people. Our experience tells us that the vast majority of people don’t want to go into a residential care home if they become ill or less able to cope; the thought of moving away from family, friends, a partner or pets can be distressing.  Remaining in your own home, we have found, is by far the most preferred option.

Careful Care Ltd actively promotes live-in care as a realistic achievable alternative to residential care. Live-in care means dedicated carers provide around the clock care for people in their own home. We will select Carers to provide your care based on your needs, personality, and preferences.

We believe that people who have live-in care are less likely to fall, but should such an event happen there is immediate assistance and comfort provided.

We have found that people receiving live-in care have higher levels of happiness with more positive outcomes; enjoying home-cooked meals and the sense of freedom and independence that’s maintained.

As more and more people are unable to see older relatives regularly due to the demands of younger families, work pressures or living far away, the knowledge that well trained, highly empathetic live-in care is in place for their loved one can give reassurance to families that loved ones are being well cared for and are happy.

Live-in homecare means service users have care plans that are personalised and flexible and the ongoing bespoke, person-centred attention delivers the very highest standard of care. Live-in homecare also means, even if someone has been in hospital, they are able to be discharged quickly and rehabilitation at home is far less traumatic and more comfortable in familiar surroundings.

We at Careful Care Ltd feel strongly that the freedom of being able to ask for a favourite meal, see a football match, sit with a much-loved pet, listen to a story, or be taken to the seaside on a sunny day means quality of life is truly enhanced. Live-in care gives people this freedom of choice.

Live-in care offers respect and dignity and promotes independence. It offers the least restrictive environment for people as they age, with none of the rules associated with institutionalised care. Home care is one-to-one and personalised to meet the needs of the individual.